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Your Gaming Computer Repairs Specialist for all your gaming PC needs. We focus on repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting on various gaming rigs, whether branded or custom.

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We are here to help, whether it is a Dell Alienware PC, a sleek Corsair One or Corsair One Pro compact gaming rig, or an Asus Gaming PC or laptop from that renowned series. In addition, services are covered for brands like Acer Predator Gaming PCs, MSI Gaming PCs, and laptops to ensure the days of BIOS compatibility issues are left way behind, and the peak is fine-tuned for performance.

But that is not where it just stops with us. Need help setting up software or installing new components? We do it. More so, we pride ourselves on configuring all peripherals to work in unison with your setup, offering expert advice on maximising airflow and system performance.

Your gaming experience will be well taken care of by Optima. Leave it to us, and you can go on ruling the virtual field.

Common Gaming PC and Laptop Hardware Issues and Solutions

  • Motherboard, CPU, or RAM Compatibility Issues: Incompatible hardware can lead to system instability or failure to boot, requiring adjustments or replacements.
  • CPU Overheating Due to Cooling System: Overheating CPUs, whether from fan or liquid cooler malfunctions, can degrade performance and even damage components if not addressed promptly.
  • PC Crashes Post-Game Load: Some PCs may experience crashes immediately after loading games, indicating potential hardware or software conflicts.
  • Poor PC Performance and Lagging: Lagging performance can stem from various factors like outdated hardware, software bloat, or insufficient system resources, necessitating optimization or upgrades.
  • NVME Overheating or Malfunction: NVME drives can overheat, leading to performance degradation or system instability, often requiring improved cooling solutions or replacement.
  • Faulty Liquid Cooler: Inadequate cooling from liquid coolers can result in overheating components and reduced system performance, requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • BIOS Freezing or Windows Boot Loop: Issues with BIOS freezing or Windows stuck in a boot loop can disrupt system functionality, often requiring troubleshooting or firmware updates.
  • Cracked Laptop Screen: Physical damage like a cracked laptop screen can impair usability and necessitate screen replacement for continued use.
  • Power Supply (PSU) Failure: Failed power supplies can lead to system shutdowns, hardware damage, or failure to power on, requiring replacement to restore functionality.
  • Laptop Overheating: Overheating laptops can suffer from performance throttling or even hardware damage, necessitating cleaning, improved ventilation, or repair.
  • FPS Drops During Gameplay: Fluctuating FPS during gameplay can diminish gaming experiences, often due to hardware limitations, software conflicts, or insufficient system resources.
  • Hardware Compatibility or Performance Issues (BIOS Updates): Compatibility issues or performance problems may arise, necessitating BIOS updates or hardware adjustments for optimal functionality.
  • Graphics Card Upgrade or SLI Configuration: Upgrading graphics cards or configuring SLI setups can enhance gaming performance but requires compatible hardware and proper setup.
  • HDD to SSD Cloning: Cloning HDDs to SSDs can improve system performance but may encounter issues like data corruption or compatibility, requiring careful execution and troubleshooting.
  • Booting Problems: Issues with booting can stem from various factors like corrupted boot sectors, hardware failures, or software conflicts, requiring troubleshooting to resolve.
  • Gaming Laptop Keyboard or Battery Issues: Problems with laptop keyboards or batteries can impair usability and require replacement or repair for continued functionality.


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